Dov Elbaum
Dov Elbaum was born and raised in Jerusalem, receiving his education at the ultra-
orthodox Hevron Yeshiva. He left Haredi society as a teenager, matriculating from
the René Cassin High School in Jerusalem. Dov served in the IDF as reporter and
editor at BaMahaneh magazine. He earned his B.A. in the Interdisciplinary
Program for Honored Students at Tel Aviv University, and an M.A. in Kabbalah and
Hasidism at the department of Jewish philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He has
published several academic articles in international journals.
Dov is a prizewinning TV host, author, scholar and educator, engaged in the
different facets of Israeli culture. A widely-published author, Elbaum hosts
television shows (Hotzeh Israel, Mekablim Shabbat, and others), and engages in
academic research.
This versatile profile is an expression of his aspiration to merge secular conceptions
 with the intellectual legacy of Jewish tradition, based on the conviction that the
realm of ideas and the realm of art are mutually inclusive. 

In 2006 Dov was made editor in chief of Yedioth Books, where he edited the publisher's flagship
 project, "People of the Book", a series celebrating Israel"s 60th anniversary, aiming to encompass
the Jewish canon from the Bible to this day. He has also published and personally edited works
by Martin Buber, Gershom Scholem, and others. He left Yedioth Books to focus on his career as
an author.
Dov has been sharing his credo with the public as educator and lecturer in institutions such as Tel Aviv University, Open University and Alma College. He was also invited to serve as author-in-residence and lecturer at the literature department in Ben Gurion University of the Negev. In recent years, he has mainly been teaching at BINA Center of the Kibbutz Movement in Ramat Efal, teaching advanced courses on Kabbalah and Hasidism.
In 2006, Dov planned and founded with his partners at BINA the Secular Yeshiva in southern Tel Aviv. The Yeshiva is attended by secular teenage boys and girls, who receive yeshiva-style training in halakhic literature, without subscribing to a halakhic way of life. Dov has been teaching at the Yeshiva a class on Hasidism and Kabbalah once a week since it opened its doors. Dov is married to Carmit, has four daughters, and lives in Kokhav Yair.
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